• New type soft cable resistance to nuclear electromagnetic pulse

    New type soft cable resistance to nuclear electromagnetic pulse

    Modern electronic countermeasures and the information in the war against ability strong and the weak is the key to determine success or failure. The third generation of nuclear weapons, main is to improve the ability of producing stronger electromagnetic pulse energy, to...
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  • Wire and cable industry news editorial

    Wire and cable industry news editorial

    1, our country to develop the smart grid cable industry usher in explosive growth Recently, the national development and reform commission, the state power bureau issued mindset promote smart grid, puts forward to the beginning of 2020 to build secure, open, compatible, ...
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  • Aluminium Concentric PVC Cable Suppliers

    Aluminium Concentric PVC Cable Suppliers

    Appliction Used by distribution network operators (DNO’s) when providing the final connection to domestic properties. Also suitable for sub main distribution and particularly used within high-rise buildings and street lighting systems. Construction Conductor: Class 1 sol...
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  • How To Identify The Quality Of Armoured Cable

    There are a widely range of armoured cable size. Steel wire armored cable is among the most popular types of cables that are used for residential and commercial projects. They can have multiple cores inside. They are designed in a specific way so that they are not capable of producing any type of...
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  • How to solve the failure of power cable corrosion protection layer

    galvanic corrosion or non neutral soil chemical corrosion of underground stray current protection layer failure would lose protective effect of insulation. The solution is to install drainage equipment in stray current intensive areas; when the local soil on the cable line contain chemical damage...
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  • What are advantages of pvc power cable?

    PVC insulation is often used due to its good insulating properties and low corona resistance. Making it ideally suited for low and medium voltage cables and low frequency insulation. PVC insulated power cable also has UV protection to avoid degradation. The benefits of PVC as pvc armoured cable i...
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