BTTZ/BTTRZ Mineral Insulate Power Cable

MICC (MI) CABLE is a kind of Electric power cable composed with copper core,copper sheath and magnesium oxide as inorganic mineral. Generally it is called as MICC or MI Cable.

The main series for MICC cable is BTTZ/BTTRZ/BLTY/YTTW cable.

BTTZ Cable–Copper Core Copper Sheath Heavy Load magnesium Oxide Insulate Fire Proof Electric cable. The core for BTTZ cable is single copper rod and outer sheath is seamless copper pipe, The insulation materials inside is magnesium oxide.

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The advantage for BTTZ cable is complete fire-proof/strong overload protection ability/
High-working temperature/Good anti-corrosion and explosion-proof performance/
Long-use-life and better-flexibility when laying.
BTTRZ Cable--Flexible Copper Core Copper Sheath Heavy load magnesium Oxide Insulate Fire Proof Electric Cable.

BTTRZ Cable is composed by stranded copper conductor,inorganic insulation,inorganic fiber packing material,copper sheath and LOSH outer sheath.

It has the character of BTTZ cable and better in flexible ability than BTTZ cable, meanwhile it has the character of Flame Retardant.
BLTY (NG-A) Copper Core Aluminum Sheath Polyolefin Outer Sheath Mineral Insulate Flexible Fire-proof Electric Power Cable.

The advantage character of BLTY cable is excellent fire-proof ability and it can keep powering on several hours during a 1000c high-temperature. It is easy for laying and no aversive and poisonous gases during burning.

YTTW cable--New advanced flexible mineral insulate Fire Proof power cable.



YTTW cable is a new fireproof cable defects based on modified insulated cables in mineral, it can overcome the disadvantages of mineral insulated cable production is limited by the length of the middle joint installation, avoid appearing in question, has the advantages of the insulation layer is not easy to damp, installation convenience, with the continuous promotion of the product excellent performance, they are increasingly affected by the broad masses of customers, it has been widely used in industrial and civil construction.






BBTRZ use the traditional stranding and cabling technology and no other metal except the core. In this way it can make the cable more flexible , no need special terminal. Filling materials is mineral compound. Not easy to absorpt moisture

Only suitable for low voltage 600-1000v


National standard product, more familar to the designer

Only suitable for 750v, much more heavy than the common cable, more jonit in the line and hard to find the fault point. Hard to flexible, magnesium oxide in the jointe area is easy to get moisture,  laying is diffeicult.


Suitable for low & middle voltage, more felxible compared to bttz cable

Outer sheath is seamless copper pipe, easy to leakage in corrosive environment, structure is more complex


Minor flexible, limited bending is avaible

The sheath is easy to take off because of its continuous welding technology

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