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The tractor seat is one of the most critical components on a tractor. During long working hours, the seat not only needs to provide a high degree of comfort, but also has good durability. A good tractor seat not only guarantees the work of employees, but also has a positive impact on production efficiency.

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There are many brands of tractor seats on the market. When choosing, you can choose the product that suits you according to your actual needs and specific circumstances. Some well-known brands include Cummins, Caterpillar, John Deere, etc. These brands have high quality assurance, which can help users improve usage efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.


various fabrics

There are many choices of fabrics for tractor seats, which is also an important consideration for users when purchasing. Commonly used materials include leather, PU, ​​PVC, etc. Leather seats are more comfortable, but require higher maintenance costs. PU and PVC are more economical, easy to maintain, and comfortable. But more careful maintenance is required to avoid problems such as cracks

Overall, a tractor seat is an important product that can impact employee productivity and the work environment. When choosing, you can choose the brand and fabric that suit you according to your actual needs, so as to obtain better use effect and service life.

Sitong Machine --Changshuo’s sub factory specialize in producing for tractor spare parts especially for tractor seat and tractor whell rim for over than 20 years and it can provide nearly all the tractor seat for different brand tractor in the world.
Its products has been exported to Afirca and Asia countrieds for 14 years and get well-approved from its customers.


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