VV/VLV cable Copper (Aluminum) Conductor PVC insulate PVC Sheath Electric Power cable

VV/VLV cable, full-name copper(aluminum) core conductor PVC insulation, and PVC sheathed power cable. Vv/vlv cable is a very common type of power cable, its role is the same as YJV/YJLV cable most of the time, although the overall performance is not as good as YJV cable, and gradually replaced by YJV/YJLV cable, because of its relatively low price, and still widely used in many areas. Generally used as a power transmission hub. Often buried in the soil or laid in the indoor, trench, or tunnel, small insulation distance between the lines, without towers, occupy less space, basically not occupy the space on the ground.

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  • Rated temperature: 80ºC
  •  Rated voltage: 30V
  • Reference Standard: UL Subject 758, UL1581 & C22.2 NO.210.2
  • Tinned or bare, stranded, Top coated, Over coated copper wire or solid copper conductor copper wire, 50 AWG minimum
  • Colour-coded lead free PVC or SR-PVC insulation
  • Uniform insulation thickness to ensure easy stripping and cutting
  • Passes UL VW-1 & FT1 vertical flame test
  • Ultra fine version are available
  • Application: For internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment, and power adaptor for portable PC
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VV/VLV cable series

  • VV/VLV -- Copper (Aluminum) Core PVC Insulate PVC Sheath Electric Power Cable
  • VV22/VLV22-- Copper (Aluminum) Core PVC Insulate PVC Sheath Steel Tape Armoured Electric Power Cable
  • VV32/VLV32-- Copper (Aluminum) Core PVC Insulate PVC Sheath Thin Steel Wire Armoured Electric Power Cable
  • VV42/VLV42-- Copper (Aluminum) Core PVC Insulate PVC Sheath Heavy Steel Wire Armoured Electric Power Cable

Product advantages

1.High-quality materials: Made of high-quality materials to ensure reliable product quality.
2.High stability: With excellent stability, it can adapt to various working environments and work stably for a long time.
3.High reliability: The use of multi-layer fireproof materials greatly improves the fire safety of the product and ensures the safe operation of the power system.
4.Wear-resistant and pressure-resistant: It has good wear-resistant and pressure-resistant characteristics, long product life and high reliability.
5.Wide application: The cable has been widely used in electric power, construction, chemical industry and other fields, and has been well received by customers.

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