WDZ-YJY LOSH XLPE insulation PE sheath Copper Conductor Flame Retardant Power Electric Power Cable 

The low smoke low halogen and low smoke,halogen-free flame retardant polyolefin wire and cable has the same electrical performance as ordinary PVC wire and cable.Its flame retardant performance complies to the requirement of GB/T 19666-2005, identical to IEC 60332-3-25 bundle burning.

Low-smoke and low-halogen bundled combustion meets Class C requirements, and low-smoke and halogen-free at least meets Class C bundle requirements.The PH and conductivity of the gas released by the combustion of the product meet the IEC 60754-2 standard.

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The structure of the low-smoke halogen-free wire and cable is the same as that of a normal PVC cable.Low-halogen cable insulation should be made of low-smoke and low-halogen polyolefin insulation.

The insulation of halogen-free cables should be insulated with low-smoke, halogen-free polyolefin or polyethylene or XLPE.The inner and outer sheath of the low-smoke low-halogen cable is made of low-smoke and low-halogen polyolefin sheathing material.

When the product requires anti-termites, the protective layer of sheathed wire and cable adopts corresponding anti-termite low-smoke low-halogen or low-smoke halogen-free sheathing material.

WDZN-YJY      5
WDZN-YJY      4
WDZN-YJY      3

LOSH cable can be divided into 2 series 

Low some Halogen Free Flame Retardant Cable Series and Low some Halogen Free Fire-reisistant Cable series. LOSH flame retardant cable is not easy to be burned and meanwhite it can prevent the spread of the fire.  Losh fire-resistant cable has the all the charactuer of LOSH Flamed Retardant cable and what;s more it also can working during the fire hazard.


The WDZ-YJV Cable is mainly usedin Tall Building, Hotel, Hospital, Surbway. nuclear Power station, Channel, Power Station, Quarry, Petroleum and Chemical Industry

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