Reliable and Durable Fire-resistant Cross-linked Cables for Safe and Efficient Power

Our fire-resistant cross-linked cables are manufactured using high-quality fire-retardant materials, ensuring their capability to handle high temperatures, high voltages, and high currents. They provide safe and reliable power transmission and are an excellent choice for power systems in a variety of settings.

For the efficient and reliable transmission of power, you need a cable that can withstand extreme conditions, such as high temperature and pressure, and also offers top-quality safety features. That’s why we’ve developed a range of fire-resistant cross-linked cables that can meet all of these demands.

  • Rated Voltage: 0.6/1kV
  • Conductor: Copper/Aluminum
  • Cross-sectional Area: 1.5-300mm2
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    Basic Information

    Our fire-resistant cross-linked cables are made with special chemical methods that improve the bonding between the conductor and the insulation materials, making the cables more durable and stable. We also use high-quality fire-retardant materials that make the cable capable of handling high temperatures, high voltages, and high currents while ensuring their safety in complex environments.

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    Product Features

    1. High-quality materials: special cross-linked materials and fireproof materials are used to improve the heat resistance and fireproof performance of the cable.
    2. High safety: Fire-resistant cross-linked cables can withstand high temperature, high voltage and high current for a long time to ensure the normal operation of the power system.
    3. Strong stability: After a variety of special processes, it can withstand the influence of complex environments.
    4. Easy to install: the cable is relatively light and can be cut and tied according to different needs.

    Product Advantages

    Our fire-resistant cross-linked cables offer top-notch safety features, reliability, and performance. They can save costs in cable and installation maintenance, ensure the normal operation of power systems, and reduce the risk of fires caused by high voltage, currents, or heat. We also provide excellent after-sales services, including technical support and consulting services.


    Our fire-resistant cross-linked cables are widely used in power systems, construction projects, mines, transportation systems, aerospace, and other fields that require a safe, durable, and efficient power transmission system.

    Conclusion: Our fire-resistant cross-linked cables are made with high-quality materials that provide safety, reliability, and efficient power transmission. They are installed with convenience, widely applied in various fields, and offer superior performance that's ideal for keeping high-voltage, high-current, and high-heat systems up and running. They're the perfect choice for any power system that demands a reliable and durable power transmission system.

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